Are the functions that your PMO is delivering really the ones that will generate value for your stakeholders and your organization?

The first step of the PMO VALUE RING aims to establish a model, called PMO MIX MANAGER, to help define the PMO’s priority functions, considering the expectation of benefits from its stakeholders.

Step 1

The answer to this key question is not as simple as it might seem. Asking the stakeholders directly what they would like the PMO to do in terms of functions might at first seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, we know that the “PMO language” is not the same as the language of its clients. While the PMO talks about “what services should be offered,” stakeholders talk about “what benefits and outcomes interest them and the organization.” The answer to this dilemma, therefore, would be to speak the same language of the stakeholders, focusing on benefits and results.

A PMO should establish its functions based on the combined needs of its clients, from their expectations of benefits and results. That way you will be able to generate a consistent value for your organization.

Periodic reassessment of the PMO’s “mix” of functions is a must, as your client’s expectations of benefits can and will change. Understanding that this process of change is natural and permanent is the best way to avoid failure.