How do the benefits generated by the PMO’s performance occur over time, and what is the impact of this on the PMO’s perception of value?

PMO TUNE, the second step of the PMO VALUE RING, is a model created with the objective of identifying the “PMO balance” in terms of value generation through time.

Step 2

While some functions offered by the PMO are capable of generating value perception in the short term, others are only capable of being perceived in the medium or long term.

PMOs with an excessive focus on short-term functions may not address the organization’s real problems, while PMOs with an excessive focus on long-term functions do not survive long enough to demonstrate their value.

Having a PMO configured and balanced to provide functions that will be able to generate value perception in the short, medium and long-term, ensures a regular generation of value over time, which will always maintain the perception that the PMO is contributing to the organization and its stakeholders.