Is it possible to establish and formalize PMO processes, necessary to ensure an alignment between the expectations of your stakeholders and the work performed on a daily basis?

The PMO PROCESS GUIDE – the third step of this tool – was created with the purpose of supporting the definition of PMO processes, and offers for each function, a set of recommended specifications that can be used as reference for the construction of a PMO service catalog , adapting each aspect to the needs and specificities of your organization.

Step 3

Hardly a PMO will be able to maintain its credibility with its clients without a well-structured definition of its processes. PMOs that maintain informal and unstructured processes end up having their efficiency compromised, as well as losing focus on demonstrating what really matters: their ability to generate value for their customers.

Each service provided by the PMO must have a specific process, which will demonstrate how the PMO will provide that particular function. That is, the set of functions offered by the PMO, after mapped into processes, will constitute a catalog of services.

For the PMO, the definition of its processes represents a great advantage, since it allows the alignment of the expectations of its stakeholders in relation to the services that will be provided, allows the PMO to evaluate the actual personnel needs for the execution of each function and finally, gives the PMO the necessary tools so that its own performance can be monitored.