Is it possible to establish a direct relationship between PMO performance and improvements in business performance? Should all PMOs have their performance evaluated under the same set of metrics?

PMO PERFORMANCE MODEL is a model created with the objective of supporting the definition of performance indicators for PMOs, allowing each function to be evaluated according to its characteristics and ability to influence project and business performance.

Step 4

Defining indicators to monitor PMO work performance is a major challenge. It should be taken into account that, depending on the functions offered to its clients, not every PMO will be able to directly influence the projects of the organization.

Failure to measure and not clearly demonstrate the results of the work performed can lead the PMO to failure or at least to a strong and constant questioning of its true value. Thus, defining quantitative or qualitative indicators capable of demonstrating PMO performance is the main instrument for the area to monitor its value and justify its existence.

Defining the form of management and the operationalization of the established indicators also becomes a fundamental factor, since it is possible that the monitoring of indicators triggers the need for improvements, revision of targets and reassessment of the selected indicators.