How should you establish your PMO team in both quantitative and qualitative terms? Should the competencies of a PMO professional be the same as a project manager?

PMO COMPETENCY MODEL is a model created with the objective of supporting the identification of the most critical competencies for the PMO, as well as assisting in the formation of teams with a profile suited to existing needs.

Step 5

While some of the project manager’s competencies may also apply to PMO professionals, many are needed when a PMO is expected to perform functions many times different from those performed by a project manager. In this way, it is necessary to establish the set of competencies of a PMO professional and to identify the importance of each competency for each of the functions offered by a PMO.

When a PMO performs well, it is being competent. However, the PMO is not an impersonal entity, but consists of a group of professionals, with different backgrounds and experiences, which need to be checked. Each PMO team member should have their performance evaluated, in order to be analyzed how much the PMO team is prepared in terms of competencies to provide services to their clients with a high level of performance.

The creation of a competency model for PMO professionals, therefore, functions as a management tool and a key element in the selection, evaluation, and development of its staff and, consequently, the PMO itself.