Why should we do a specific strategic monitoring for a PMO?

The PMO DASHBOARD MODEL – the last step of the tool – is a model created to provide PMO leaders with a structured suggestion for defining and monitoring the area’s strategy, seeking to clearly demonstrate the value of the PMO to the success of the organization.

Step 8

The PMO is an organizational entity, with its own characteristics, and like any other organization, has objectives and needs, such as achieving its short and long term objectives, monitoring its own performance in a balanced way, and finally building capacities that guarantee its survival to long term.

The monitoring should focus on the strategic planning and management of the PMO, with the objective of accelerating and enhancing the achievement of its objectives, maximizing its influence on the results of the projects under its responsibility and, consequently, increasing its capacity to contribute to its stakeholders and organization.

The PMO should establish strategic performance indicators that allow the value generated by the area to be monitored and evaluated at the required frequency. A control panel for PMOs must consider all the strategic aspects necessary for its success, seeking to maximize the effective generation of value for the organization and allowing the benefits generated by the PMO to be perceived with greater ease, which is a fundamental factor for its success and survival.